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At Ninus the user is at the center of the design, our technological solutions are designed for those who use them. We take technology beyond development to create experiences where design plays the leading role in creating unforgettable experiences.

With technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality we can bring your imagination to reality.

The Augmented Reality (AR) allows you to increase reality by placing images, videos and other virtual elements on the world we see, such that the digital world and the real world become one through a screen.

The Virtual Reality (VR) allows you to create immersive virtual scenarios,
so that people feel in different situations or places without going to them or without even existing in real life.

Communicate your ideas effectively allowing your clients to live experiences that generate greater remembrance. You can obtain benefits according to the approach you require in your solution:

  • Test and experiment in virtual environments (reduce testing costs)

  • Simulate jobs with high-risk machinery and environments

  • Develop fun and interactive environments

  • Transform your customer experience

  • Digitally replicate soft skills and human interaction

  • Train your staff in a scalable way, with less costs and free of risks

Learn about the services of the VR and AR Experiences line:

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
Ninus Web Development

Web solutions

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality within the reach of a click. We create your digital environments in the cloud, access them from any device (mobile or desktop), simply enter the specialized link and create immersive experiences. No need to download anything, just with a link, our web solutions have a greater reach than any other alternative on the market.
Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality
Ninus Development App

App solutions

For solutions with higher requirements but with the same level of scope as mobile technology, there are VR / AR app developments. Project augmented reality or virtual reality from a specialized mobile application for your brand.
Virtual reality
Ninus VR vision

Training Lab VR Oculus

Create environments to train and train. From high-risk scenarios to simulating human interactions, the limit is in your imagination. We have a team of experts in 3D illustration to make your experiences in the Training Lab as close to reality. Train your operators on new machinery, or train your employees in customer service.
Ninus Experience
Ninus Experience

Interactive tech experiences

Create unique experiences through technology. From motion and proximity sensors to emission detection systems. We employ the latest trends in technology to bring the digital world to the customer experience.
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